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The AHK Europe Conference of the German Chambers of Commerce Abroad
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2024-10-03 · 09:00
Final eveniment
2024-10-04 · 12:00
AHK Polen


Europe – the next step!

Europe - the next step! Digitalization, decarbonization, diversification as the cornerstones of a new economic strategy

Europe is undergoing a major transformation. The economic rise of Central and Eastern Europe and the Ukraine war are shifting the weights on which the European Union has been based for decades. The region's dynamic upstarts are benefiting from this, while at the same time self-confidently questioning values and certainties.
At the same time, the climate crisis and questions of resilience are challenging outdated structures. How does Europe manage the balancing act between environmental protection and industrial location? Where does the continent position itself in the global game of markets and powers? And how will the forces within the EU shift?

The AHK Europe Conference of the German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHK) on 3 and 4 October 2024 will explore these and other questions. More than 150 top representatives from politics, business and academia are expected to attend the conference to discuss the transformation of the European economy. High-profile experts will speak on topics such as competitiveness, the climate crisis and European resilience.

During the 2 days of the conference, participants will try to answer the questions:

  • Europe in a phase of complex transformation
  • Economic recovery in Central and Eastern Europe
  • The war in Ukraine is changing the European dynamics
  • Climate crisis and resilience issues
  • The balance between environmental protection and keeping industry competitive
  • Where does the continent stand in the global game of markets and powers?
  • How will the dynamics within the EU change?

More infromation: https://europakonferenz-ahk.eu/?_locale=de