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Strategic HR Development

How many employees and what skills will you need in five years? In times of a shortage of skilled workers, strategic personnel development is indispensable.



Qualified employees are the basis for a company's success. For this reason, entrepreneurs must ensure that they have employees with the necessary skills at their disposal in the medium and long term.That's easy to say - but it's becoming more and more difficult to achieve in day-to-day business. Because companies today can only assess to a limited extent,
- how their market will develop over the next five or even ten years,
- which problem solutions are then possible due to technical progress
- and what impact this will have on their business model.

Therefore, many HR policy and strategic decisions that make sense today may prove to be wrong in two or three years.

Almost all companies are struggling with this problem - and still have to pursue a forward-looking personnel policy. Therefore, from this background of the current changes, the goals of a successful personnel and organizational development are:
• To create awareness among employees for changes and their consequences for the individual and the environment and at the same time to point out possible courses of action,
• To optimize the interaction of the employees in the team and to bring the competencies of all team members into an optimal interaction,
• To guide the awareness for the adaptation and optimization of the entrepreneurial value creation process in the harmony of all business areas, and
• To underline the contribution of all activities to the achievement of the company's objective.

The training "Strategic HR Development" highlights the various aspects of strategic human resource development using instruments, models and practical examples.


• Strategic personnel development in practice
• Methods and instruments of personnel development
• Target systems as a control tool for strategic personnel development
• Selection and retention of employees
• Focus on vocational training 4.0: Promoting young talent
• Concepts of strategic personnel and organizational development

Trainer: Christoph Nesgen

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